Monday, November 19, 2012

Bhangra in the Burgh!

So I'm back again.
I feel like my brain fizzed out last week because we had finals on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. And if that wasn't stressful enough,  after that we had two more days of normal school and it was just extra tiring. I got home early on Wednesday because the only final I had to take was my Chem final and I just knitted sashay scarves for about six hours. It seems like I'm mass producing these scarves and people keep buying them.
Saturday though was awesome. I went to the museum from 11 to 4. The day was pretty slow. I was on Polar World cart and we got a whopping total of 17 visitors in two hours, then a girl named Mollie and I went to the discovery room, which is a room where little kids can touch things and see live animals, but it's sort of like a self-serve room. You really don't have to do anything.
But it was after the museum that all of the fun happened. My friend Krithika invited Alexandra and I to go to Bhangra in the Burgh. It's a dance-fundraiser-show that celebrates the Indian festival Diwali. Apparently, Bhangra is a type of Indian folk dance that was combined with hip-hop and reggae music. So we went to this show that was sponsored by CMU but was at Pitt (confusing, I know) that featured these Bhangra groups from all over the country and Canada.
It was amazing. It was so cool! These dancers were dressed up in the Indian dress (which I have always been jealous of because it looks so amazing) and dancing. The music was so loud that the bass shook the whole auditorium. The Bhangra dance itself is high energy and very rhythmical. It seemed like the most common move was when the dancers squatted to the ground and then jumped back up again multiple times. It was awesome. Everyone was dancing in their seats and cheering and trying to take pictures. I tried, but the best picture I got was a blur of bright colors, because, you know, the dancers don't like to stay still.
It was a lot of fun. This show of Bhangra in the Burgh was apparently the sixth one they've had. It was a charity event, and all of the money goes to an organization whose name escapes me, that gives disabled children bicycles, which is pretty cool. I've already decided that I'm going to go see it next year too. Maybe by then I will have mastered the squat jump.

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