Saturday, November 10, 2012


Today, I am going to write about something that upsets me. It's something that makes me irritated and mad.
An awesome company called Buckyballs makes tiny magnets that nerds and geeks can play with to make really cool shapes and designs.  These awesome shapes are often a cure for office boredom, or for studying.  I can spend a really long time playing with these things before get bored of them. My dad's the master at making these things. Buckyballs also have Buckycubes when the magnets are not round, but are square. It also has a kit where there are magnetic sticks which you can connect them to these balls that aren't magnetic themselves, but when you stick them to the stick they become magnetic and then you can make cool shapes with triangles and hexagons and all kinds of stuff. Doesn't this sound cool?
However, the company is now shutting down.
This is not because their business has been unsuccessful. It is because the little magnets are dangerous for the little kids who try and eat them. The company didn't want to go bankrupt trying to go to court, and decided that it would be easier and cost less money to just stop making them.
They have stickers on the box of the Buckyballs telling you to keep them "out of reach from children." You don't need to be a physicist or a quantum mechanist or even have a high IQ to tell you that you DON'T GIVE SMALL THINGS TO SMALL CHILDREN!!! This company's whole concept and whole business is to SELL SMALL THINGS!!!! They tell you to keep out of reach from children. It's incredibly hard to take just one magnet away, because even if you put it on the other side of the table, it will still come zooming back to find the other 215 magnets. The magnet is just that strong.
So a company is shutting down because some people fail to keep an eye on their children. It's shutting down because some people just can't be responsible. And its all because they just don't have some common sense. It seems pretty sad to me.
Awesome companies should be able to do awesome things. Why does the government have to step in because one child went to the hospital after eating one Buckyball? America prides itself in being a country where you can make pretty much anything. If I had a good idea, I can make that idea become a reality. At least, I can, until the government says that I can't anymore. It seems like we have a long way to go.

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  1. WHAT!?!?! I LOVE BUCKYBALLS! I've never owned any, but I still think they're AWESOME! I hate stupid people...