Monday, November 26, 2012

I'm Excited for Photo!

The Thanksgiving holiday is done now and I have four more full weeks until Christmas break. That makes me a bit sad.
I didn't get any of the finals that I wanted to get back today. I know what I got on my Spanish final, but Dr. Andy wouldn't give us our history finals back and Mr. Hallas wouldn't give us our math finals back either. I was actually quite impressed that Ms. McDermott gave us our english finals back last week, because usually the english teachers are the ones that take forever to grade because they have to read so much.
I'm now in photography class though! I'm so excited! We get to use film and old cameras. Mr. Jones, our teacher, also told us that we could basically take as many roles of film from him as we like, so I'm very excited to start shooting. I've been excited since the trimester started really. Every day before photo, I'll wonder to my friend Lily if we'll be getting our cameras today to start shooting. I thought we'd be getting them today, but we have to wait until tomorrow. It's alright though because today we learned how to use an old camera that uses film and we got to play around with the buttons and knobs that are on the camera.
I don't really know what I'm going to take pictures of, but I'm sure that I'll find something of interest to me. The only problem I see with myself and this class is that I don't think that I'll have the patience to wait to develop the film in the dark room. I want to see it right after I take it, especially because I want to know if the picture I took is good or not.
Mr. Jones also told us that we would learn in his class how to take pictures of people without them noticing. He then said that we would have this unit where we take pictures of architecture, and during that unit we get to go outside and take pictures of houses in the neighborhood and we're allowed to sneak up onto people's porches and take pictures of anything that interests us. We're going to learn how to trespass! Now that's my type of class.
They're a bunch of electives that are art related at school, but I think that it would be cool to have other classes. How much fun would a cooking class be? Or maybe a knitting class, or a sleuth/private eye class. Or how about a lets-blow-things-up class? That would be awesome!


  1. Wow, Photo sounds like a blast! I'm so excited to take it next trimester with Noah and Mathieu. It's going to be so fun!

  2. Also, a let's blow things up class would be the best class ever created in the history of the entire universe. I should know, I'm an astronomer.