Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Planet

I decided that it would be fun to create my own planet. Please understand that there is no science to what I'm going to write. It's just what I think would be a very nice place to go visit sometime.  So here I go!

The planet is named Iskyra, and it lies somewhere not in out solar system, but out there in a place where we humans haven't discovered yet. The sky during the day would be the color of autumn leaves. There would be no clouds. There would be no sun. However, during the night, the sky would turn a deep velvety blue and two moons would hang in the sky. One, the large one, would be a creamy yellow and cover a third of the sky and light the nighttime world. The other moon would be small and a color in-between orange and yellow. This small moon would circle around the big moon throughout the night.
The landscape of the planet would be magical. There would be forests of trees as tall as redwoods and with branches that would spread the distance of five school buses. The trees would all have flowers on the end, which would flower every day no matter what time of year it is. The water would be crystal clear. There would be one ocean that extends from the mountains as far as the eye can see, but then after that, all the water goes over a cliff and pours into the biggest lake in the planet, which spreads into rivers traveling throughout the Iskyra. There would be no fish in that huge ocean, but there would be very colorful fish living in the rivers and streams. They would all be light colors like baby pink and baby purple, though there would be the few exceptions. There would be huge fish (ancient dinosaur-type fish) living in the huge lake. There would even be sections of the huge forest of trees that was flooded by this crystal-like water. In sections of the forest, there would be little lilies that would open up every morning in what we call "slow motion," and that would mark the time when the planet would come to life and the day would begin.
The short mountains on Iskyra would be the size of Mount Everest. There are of course, much taller ones throughout the planet. They would be covered in flowers of all colors no matter how high you climbed, and would stand tall and bold against the orange sky.
Gravity would work differently on Iskyra. Rain would fall, but it wouldn't fall like it falls on Earth. It would fall slower, the raindrops would be a bit bigger and fall less often, and it would be beautiful.

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