Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why Batman Wins at Life

I am of the belief that Batman is the best superhero out there. 
Calm down you Hulk and X-Men lovers! I said he is the best superhero out there, Not the best comic book (personally, I think Spiderman is the best comic book) and I will explain why I think that this is so. 
It's because no matter how minute the possibility, anyone can become Batman. 
There is no scientific phenomenon that allows Bruce Wayne to become Batman. In Spiderman, Peter Parker is bitten by a spider and takes on some of its abilities. In Fantastic Four, the Fantastic Four are exposed to some cosmic radiation and something happens to them so they have special abilities.
Bruce Wayne is rich. That's why he can have all of those fancy gadgets. That's why he has amazing technology to help him fight his nemeses. Other than that, if I want to become Batman (which would be awesome), I just have to go get some intense martial arts training, build a lot of muscle, and learn how to have two different personalities at the same time. That's possible. It's just a lot of work. It would be hard. It would be difficult, but it's possible.
We all had people in our lives that we wanted to become. Personally, I wanted to become Hermione Granger and Laura Ingalls Wilder at the same time. But no matter how hard I try, I can't use magic, and I can't travel back in time to live on the prairie. 
Little children want to become Wolverine and Spiderman, but there's no chance. I'm sorry. It's very sad. 
So that's why I say, if you want to become a superhero, become Batman (or Ironman, but Batman's just better). Become rich (or inherit the money), go to all the martial arts training sessions you can go to, and acquire the best technology out there. Then go around and save cities from crime. 

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