Monday, October 22, 2012


On Saturday night, my mother and I went to see the Cirque du Soleil show Saltimbanco!!! It was truly amazing.
I've seen three Cirque du Soleil shows that I remember, including Saltimbanco. I saw Totem when I was in eighth grade, and then saw Quidam last year. I love Cirque du Soleil shows, because everything is amazing. The tricks are amazing, the music is amazing, and the costumes are amazing.
So you can imagine my absolute joy when I found out that I would be attending the show showing in Pittsburgh, Saltimbanco.
Have I said yet that it was amazing?
Saltimbanco is about a metropolis. A city where people are happy and everything is colorful. Its a show about the city, but it also pays attention to the individual. They also spoke during this show in a language that I can only describe as a mix of Irish, Italian, and gibberish.
The first act that I really really enjoyed (like, extra really enjoyed, because I really enjoyed all of them) was the chinese poles. There were four poles, standing vertically and about 20 people would climb it and jump from one pole to another. Everybody was really in sync, which I really liked. Another act that I extra enjoyed was the boleadores act. It was basically two people, a man and a woman, swinging around two pieces of string with a ball at the end. They were also in sync, and when the balls would hit the ground, they would make a loud noise, and it was really cool.
During the whole entire show, my mother was sitting next to me, and every time something amazing happened (which was like every ten seconds) she would lean over an say "how can they do that? They're not human." She said this a lot in this act, where these two men lifted each other and made statures out of themselves. I realize that that sounds weird, but there was one move where the smaller of the two extremely buff men had his feet in the air, and his shoulders were balancing on the back of the other man, who was standing on the ground. It looked like a very long human being in the air. It's especially amazing considering how buff these men were and how heavy they must have been.
I really also enjoyed the costumes in this show. They were colorful, the makeup was colorful, and I really want to live in a city where people can wear clothing to make them look like a rainbow.
The show was again, really really good. I now have to listen to the music and memorize the words.

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