Friday, October 26, 2012

The Bear Mascot

So I had an experience the other day that made me think.
The WT soccer team had a playoff game yesterday. It's kind of a big deal, apparently, when any sports team goes to the playoff, and it's the only time this year when I've seen that much school spirit in a school so small. In order to get the WT community pumped up about this game, one member of the soccer team dressed up in a bear mascot costume and went around school giving people hugs and high fives.
The thing that interested me the most about this, was that everyone was trying to figure out who was in the costume. For about forty minutes, the whole school was guessing and talking about who they thought was in the costume. I myself was curious about this. I thought it was Matthieu, but apparently it wasn't.
Once we did find out who was inside the bear mascot (the person's name shall remain anonymous) some people were very disappointed. The person who was actually in the bear costume is in a sort of "click," you could say, for guys. They call themselves the E8, which is a name I don't really understand, but I just accept it.  They don't have the kindest reputation, from what I've heard, mostly because they don't talk to anyone but the members of the group and their girlfriends. I don't have much contact with them, so I really can't judge. I'm not saying that this person is bad, but I am just gathering data from what I heard from the people who were around me.
So I thought that it was interesting that we care about who the mascot is on the inside, but once we do know what is on the inside, we are disappointed. If we think that about a person in a mascot costume, then we must think that about a person and the personality of that person. We have one opinion about the person, and then once we know their true colors, we act like we know exactly who they are. Sometimes we do, and sometimes, we don't. I don't know. It was just interesting to me.

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  1. Mathieu has one t. Just thought you should know.

    The E8 are stupid people, and just generally *expletive*heads. Be glad you don't have much contact with them.