Monday, October 1, 2012


I made the wonderful mistake of leaving my chemistry notebook at school over the weekend. This is ill advised, especially when you have a chem lab due Monday after lunch.
I realized that I had forgot my chem notebook on Saturday, when I opened my backpack to start my homework. I immediately thought that there must have been a mistake. I distinctly remembered thinking Aki, don't forget your chem notebook on Friday, and I remembered that I had put the notebook in my backpack. So on Saturday, I was very confused when I realized that it was not there, and I was starting to wonder if inanimate objects could teleport, when I had the wonderful idea of e-mailing my lab partner to get the data that we had collected together. I sent her the e-mail, and then sat at my desk staring at the little mail icon that shows up on the computer, refreshing my inbox every couple of seconds to see if she would respond. But she didn't, so I did the parts of the lab that I could complete, and then went to bed.
Yesterday, I checked my e-mail in the morning, and my lab partner still hadn't e-mailed me back, so I began to worry a bit. After I came back from the Ren Fest, she had e-mailed me saying that she too had forgotten her lab notebook. Then, I became even more stressed out than I already was. WHAT WAS I GOING TO DO!!!???????? I can't turn it in late, that would just be...terrible. I don't think that I would actually physically be able turn in an assignment late. Or turn in an assignment half completed. I've never done that before. But thankfully, I remembered that I had a free period before lunch. Whew. I could finish it then.
I got to school this morning, opened my locker, and saw that my notebook was NOT in my locker. Great. I lost my lab notebook with all the data in it. Now it was PANIC TIME!!!!! I was mentally banging my head against my locker. So I went to my lab partner and got the data from her.
Then, during math class (I think my teacher was talking about the London Eye and a bigger ferris wheel that New York City is trying to build and a bigger one that Las Vegas is trying to build....because that's what people should be concerned about right now. Building ferris wheels, and not be concerned about the economy or all the other problems in the world.) I did the calculations for the lab, and then after I was done, I payed attention in class and took really good notes.
After, sculpture class (a class that is really really fun, but I'm terrible at making 3-D objects), the librarian, Mr. S., told me I had left my chem notebook in the library over the weekend. I am told this NOW??? Not that Mr. S. should have told me earlier, but......I was mentally banging my head against my locker again.
During my free, I feverishly finished the lab in about half an hour. I had fifteen minutes left, and I was feeling really really good about myself when I realized that I had graphed something wrong. I HAD SWITCHED THE X AND Y-AXES AND HAD TO DO THE WHOLE THING OVER AGAIN!! GARRRRRR. My heart was racing so fast it could have run a marathon. So then I franticly did the whole graph over again, which meant hand drawing it again, making a line of best fit, and then calculating slope, etc. Don't worry, the math was right and everything. The whole table that I was working on in the library was covered with papers, and things were flying out of my backpack, and it was a very hectic time. I finally got everything done, everything printed, and I piled all the papers up in a very neat stack. It was ready to be handed in. I finished one minute before lunchtime.
This whole wave of relief swept over me as I headed to lunch. I never thought that chemistry would give me that much stress. But I have learned, as I (mostly) always learn from my mistakes, never ever EVER to repeat what I did today. I'm never going to do that. Ever.

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