Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Yesterday, we went and toured around Boston.

We started out the day with this hour and a half long tour about Boston in the early days. The tour was called the Freedom Trail Tour. The tour guide was amazing, he had energy, and was very very loud. He was also dressed up in colonial era clothing, and it was awesome. We went around the Boston Common, and went into the graveyard where John Hancock is buried. 

Later, we went shopping (as you might have guessed, my mother and I enjoy shopping, though I get tired of it easily, my mom can keep shopping forever), and I bought a pair of Crocs, that don't look like Crocs, so I can wear them to school. 

Then, we went to the most amazing part of Boston, the Printing Office of Edes &Gill. It's a colonial era print shop, where they printed the first Declaration of Independence that was passed out to the common people. The lady who was printing was really cool. She was dressed in the colonial clothing, and told us all about the printing that she was doing. When we were there, she was printing the Declaration of Independence, the way that Edes & Gill printed it in the 1700's. It hadn't been printed like that in 236 years. That was by far my favorite part of the trip. 

Today, we were supposed to go to Sturbridge Village, but guess what?? It's RAINING!!! It's like Williamsburg, and everyone's dressed up and stuff, but it's RAINING, so I don't know if we will actually go or not. :-(  (ToT)

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