Thursday, August 23, 2012


The first day of school is a good day when you only have to get up at 6:30. Actually, I probably could have pulled off getting up at around 6:50, but I didn't want to risk it on the first day.
So yes. School has started, and it's about nine more months until we are out for summer and free once more.
We started out the day in advisory. I have Ms. Patrick, who is also new to this school. From what I have seen of her, she sounds like a pretty cool teacher. We then went off to an upper school assembly, where Mr. Bachner gave us the whole spiel about dress code and safety.
Then, it was English. I absolutely love my english teacher. Her name is Ms. Mcdermott (pronounce Ms. Mcdermitt) and seems like she is laid back but ready to teach at the same time. She asked us what our favorite book was, and I melted inside, because that is definitely one of my favorite things to talk about ever (others would include; volleyball and Psych).
After that I had my first free period ever, and that was kind of fun. Since we didn't get any homework in english (she promised us she would give us something tomorrow) I just sat around talking to people. Then it was break, which is an awkward time because you're stuck in between two rows of lockers and people trying to get into their lockers, so you can't really move. Though I eventually did find a way to get out of all the crowdedness.
Chemistry will be interesting this year. I have Dr. Horton, who is a little bit crazy. She's very extraverted and outgoing, and seems like the kind of person who is very O.C.D. The first thing she told us today was to never bring our textbooks to class and to keep them in our lockers or at home. She was the only one to give homework today, but it was a scavenger hunt on her blog, so it wasn't anything serious.
After that was lunch, where we went outside and ate on the balcony. It was burning hot. That's all I have to say about that.
Then I had a free, and I used that time very wisely! I finished my chemistry homework. YAY!
Spanish will also be interesting. Yesterday at orientation, the spanish teacher, who shall henceforth be called Señor, gave me a hard time about being in spanish 4, but today I found out that there are only THREE people in that class. Señor is also crazy. Or so I have been told....
Then, it was time for dismissal.
I am home now. I tried to crochet a butterfly, and I tried THREE times, but somehow it doesn't seem to come out right. I'll get it though.

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  1. YOU'RE AT WT!!!! This year will be interesting. I HATE YOU ALL FOR HAVING MS. MCDERMOTT!!! I have the worst teacher ever. Excuse me while I KJASHDKSAJDHSKAJDH!!! I don't hate you as much for having Dr. Horton, but I hate you kind of for that. I don't think I'll like Mr. Marx as much as people like Noah will. By the way, you can't really call Señor anything but Señor...I think he was even called Señor as a child...