Sunday, August 26, 2012

Pa's Back!

For the last week, my father has been in Africa. To be exact, he was in Rwanda. My dad works at Carnegie Mellon University, and the department that my dad works in, Electrical Computer Engineering, was opening a campus in there, so he went there to connect with the students and get to know the place where he will be teaching. The class will be a normal class in Pittsburgh, but in the back there will be a screen, and the people in Rwanda will actually be watching my dad teach through video. Kind of cool, right?
While he was gone, my mom and I had a lot of fun crocheting and crocheting, and doing a little more crocheting, but we missed him a lot.
And now, he's back!!!
He came bearing gifts, which is always fun. He got me some jewelry that I have to say, is very very colorful. He also got my mom jewelry, and she's wearing the necklace and bracelet he got her right now, even though it doesn't match at all what she's wearing (which happens to be workout clothes, because we were just at the gym). I'm not wearing my necklace right now because I was fidgeting with it, and my dad told me to stop, so I had to take the necklace off.
He started to babble all about how wonderful Rwanda is and how it has nice restaurants, markets, and how different it is from America etc. etc. I wish we could have gone as well. We were actually supposed to go in the beginning of June, when the original opening ceremony for the campus was going to take place. It was going to be a big deal because the president of Rwanda was going to be there, but he cancelled. And then the whole event got cancelled. So we didn't end up going to Rwanda.
The only bad thing about my dad being back is that I don't have any blog viewers from Rwanda anymore. :-(
We're glad you're back, Pa!