Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pedal Pittsburgh (in the rain)

I biked 25 miles today.
Pedal Pittsburgh is an annual bike ride that takes bikers through the main streets in Pittsburgh, letting the bikers experience what seems like hill after hill after hill (there's also some nice flat areas too).
The day started out really nice. It was cloudy, but there was a rumor that there were going to be some thunder storms. We parked at the entrance to the Jail Trail (it's called the Jail Trail because it runs by the county jail) and rode over the Hot Metal bridge to the place where all of the vendors were. When we got there, my mom noticed that there was something wrong with her tire, and we had to stop for a while while she got it fixed (no charge!). While we were waiting, we saw a bike that was twice as high as a normal bike, and one that was called the "eliptigo," basically an elliptical that had wheels, which is awesome.
We started the ride after that. I enjoy biking a lot, but this was a different kind of thrill. I would get to experience Pittsburgh through a biker's perspective. One thing I noticed; Pittsburgh has way too many potholes.
It was dry until the ten mile mark.
The rain started out as just a little sprinkle. It felt really good, because at that point, we had just finished riding up the BIGGEST hill ever. However, by the time that we were done with the ride, I was completely soaked. I biked in the rain for about an hour and a half. It gets really slippery when it rains, so I had to be extra careful. We finished the ride with no injuries or anything, thankfully.
We came to to where all of the vendors were, and this is the place where my major complaining starts. First of all, they didn't even give out t-shirts. What kind of major event doesn't give out t-shirts? The only thing that the Pedal Pittsburgh people gave us was our numbers to put on the back of the shirt (they were also generous enough to give us four safety pins each), and some food that was mostly wet by the time that we got to it. Nothing was free, and honestly, we biked 25 miles in the rain. How could you not give things out for free??
Next year, Pedal Pittsburgh organizers, please give out free stuff. It would be nice.
So if you'll excuse me, I have to start my training for the Tour de France.

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