Sunday, August 19, 2012

Tayler's House!

I went to my friend Tayler's house this afternoon. By the way, I stopped with the whole pseudonym thing because it was just too confusing for me. Also it took forever to think up a pseudonym, so I just quit. Anyway, Tayler was on my team for volleyball this past year. She's a very good middle hitter, and we became friends basically from the beginning of the season. We're like twins. Really. I'm not kidding. She reads, she likes The Hunger Games, and another one of my favorite series, Divergent. We agree on pretty much everything; food, clothing, and just little things we do, like she likes to cross her legs at the dinner table, and I do that all the time.  Her family is very very boisterous. It's not like my family at all. Her mom is like the coolest person ever because she's so outgoing, and has the best and funniest stories.
So today, I went over to her house to watch The Hunger Games, which if you didn't know, just came out on DVD. Apparently Tayler, her mom, and her sister Carly went to Giant Eagle (the grocery store of Pittsburgh) at midnight on Friday to get the movie. Tayler's mother said that the first person to find the DVD would get five dollars, so they were running around the store, pushing each other, and yelling, trying to find out where this movie was in the store. Anyway, we watched some of the special features first. They were really good as far as special features go, thought through, and they revealed a lot about the movie behind the scenes. After that we watched the movie. Ahhhhhh... it was just as amazing as in the movie theater, it was so so good.
Then we played scrabble, a game that I'm really bad at playing mostly because the only words that I can come up with are four letters long. And if you've ever played that game before, it's hard to win with four letter words. While we were playing scrabble we were sort of watching 27 Dresses. It's a chick flick (??), a genre that I usually don't associate myself with, but it wasn't that bad.
After that we had dinner. Dinner is so much different than at our house. There was so much talking! Talking talking talking! I loved it. Tayler's mother, as I have mentioned before is really cool, and told me all these funny stories about when Tayler's dad was trying to scare his kids and all, it was so hilarious!
Anyway, so that was my day. I only have two more days of summer sad. But I think I'm ready to get back to school (maybe?).

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