Monday, August 13, 2012

Camping and Shops and Witches, Oh My!!

Well, I have internet again!! It's time to celebrate!!!
I love camping, and it's really nice to disconnect from the world, but once I'm back to all of this technology, it is kind of nice.
We camped near Stockbridge, MA, which is where the Norman Rockwell Museum is. That's basically the main thing we did there, and it was pretty cool. They gave me free admission because I am a CMNH employee (YAY!!! Love Love Love discounts!!)!! I really do enjoy Norman Rockwell's work, and particularly enjoyed seeing his works for the Saturday Evening Post. We have a picture of the Four Freedoms hanging above our kitchen sink at home, but I never really knew what they stood for.
We spent the next day just sitting and hanging around camp. I did some crocheting, some knitting, and some reading (I finished Pride and Prejudice so I'll post about that soon). We had an MRE for lunch, which is something that we always do when we go camping. In this MRE were the "patriotic cookies," which were adorable. They were basically animal crackers in the shapes of eagles, the Statue of Liberty, and Uncle Sam.I should also mention that it rained pretty much the WHOLE time we were there! That's really annoying when you're trying to pack up camp and everything is wet.
We got here to Boston yesterday afternoon. Today, we went around Salem, and did all of the touristy attractions. We went to the Customs House on the wharf and went to the Salem Witch Museum. I didn't enjoy the Customs House as much as I enjoyed the place where the merchants stored all of the goods that they couldn't pay the taxes for. I liked the history of the Customs House, though. The Salem Witch Museum (which also gave me a discount!!) was alright. I think that it wasn't as good as it could have been, and I think that it could have been more in depth about what happened. I did like their display about different herbs and their medicinal and "magical" properties.
While we were walking around Salem, we stopped in a lot of little gift stores. There were several antique shops that were very good, and there were a bunch of stores selling things involving "witchcraft." We also passed a number of "psychic" shops and other places that used who-knows-what-type of supposed magic to tell one's future. We also went into this cafe that had the best bubble tea that I have ever had. I had a green tea mango bubble tea for lunch, and my mom and I loved it so much, that we had to get another one before we left. It was sooooo good!!
On our way back to the parking garage where we parked our car, my dad took us to see this:
It's a statue of Samantha from Bewitched!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!  I absolutely loved that show in fifth and sixth grade! Though my favorite character from the show was that one witch that collected doorknobs. 
That was awesome.


  1. That statue is epic, I must say. The character you were thinking of is Aunt Clara (at least I think, I know it's Aunt somenamethatstartswithc) Did you look at the stars at all at night? (Obviously what I focus on) The Perseid meteor shower peaked on sunday night, did you see any shooting stars? Sadly it was cloudy here...

  2. No, I completely forgot about the stars...ah well.. we always have next year.