Monday, August 6, 2012

They're Following Me...

'Tis a small world after all.

I used to think that I never ran into people when I left my house. There was never a time when I would see someone I knew when I was shopping, or at the movie theater.

Now, they're everywhere.

When I'm out and about in Squirrel Hill, or at the Waterfront, there is a garantee that I will run into someone that I know. Not necessarily run into, but I'll see someone from school that is on the other side of the street, or in the same store that I'm in.

Today, for example, I was volunteering at the Natural History Museum, and I saw one of my mother's students in the courtyard playing with her kids.

When I went to go see The Dark Knight Rises for the second time about a week ago, I saw a girl there that had shared the same gym class as me. There have been many many instances similar to these, and they have been happening all summer.

Here's the crazy one. On Saturday, my mom, dad, and I went shopping at the Tanger Outlet mall that's located about an hour and a half away from our house. And guess what!? I saw a girl from school there. It's one of those situations where it would be awkward to go up and say hi, because I know who she is (because of her reputation), but she doesn't know who I am. 


Happens all of the time. Probably, tomorrow, I'll see someone I know at the gym or something. You never know.

P.S. My gum goal has been going well. No Great Expectations so far!

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