Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lots and Lots of Awesome!

There has been a lot of Awesome in my life for the last couple of days.
1. I went to Joanne's yesterday (the store. I don't have a friend named Joanne), and bought a bunch of craft making stuff. I found this yarn called Sashay, and I can make this AWESOME scarf that curls. Here's a picture of what a sashay scarf looks like:
I got that picture off of google images. Doesn't it look awesome?! I knitted one yesterday, and it only took two hours! It was so easy!  So yeah, that's exciting. I also got some yarn for crocheting some flowers. I've never officially crocheted anything, so this will be a fun experience. I made a flower today, it was supposed to be a six petaled daisy or something, and it turned out looking like a starfish. So I'm hoping for some improvement there.
2. We're leaving for Massachusetts tomorrow. We're going camping in Boston, and I guess we're going to go see all of the touristy places. We'll be gone for a week. I love camping, and I'm excited to go take my scarf making stuff. And since I volunteer at the Natural History Museum, I'm excited to see if we'll get any discounts at any of the museums we'll go to!
3. My mom and I went to the commissary at the C.E. Kelly army base, and guess what we got!? Lucky Charms!! They're so unhealthy, but it's kind of exciting. I haven't had them in like five years.
4. I asked to get my schedule fixed for this year. The schedule said I would be taking Theater 2 this year. Anyone who knows me knows that I can't act to save my life. I hadn't even taken Theater 1, so I asked to get that changed, and the lady said I could take PHOTO!!!! I really wanted to take that class, and I got in!! Now I just have to tell her I'd like to take it.
As you can see, that was a lot of awesome! I don't know how I'm going to post while I'm in Massachusetts, so it might be a while! But check regularly to make sure! You never know, there might be some piece of internet connection that's lost in the woods, and I might be able to upload something!
P.S. Yesterday, I was in Squirrel Hill, and I saw two people from school….again…. Bill Sykes (not the one from Oliver Twist. If it had been, I would have ran in the other direction, but those who know why I call him Bill Sykes will know who I'm talking about), and a friend of his, who I also went to school with. Watch me see someone I know in Massachusetts….creepy...


  1. I'm still so mad you got into photo!!!! Once Skiba emails me back I'll know if I'm in it or not. I won't be in your class, you have it second trimester. Hopefully you'll have fun in it.

  2. I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! Yeah, hopefully you can take photo as well. I e-mailed Skiba and asked if I could take Speech third trimester. Don't know if it will work though.

  3. What about first trimester? You could take it then. Maybe you'd be in my class! At this point I know of no one else in my class, and it sucks. I don't want to have to go through speech without anyone else!