Friday, September 21, 2012

Bad Wolf

Do you remember when I said that I probably wasn't going to watch Dr. Who? Well, apparently I lied.
The odd thing is, that I knew this was going to happen. Right after I published the post, I thought that it would be funny if I did end up watching the show, and that's exactly what happened.
I don't know why, really. But somehow I continued to watch it, and then I watched some more, and now I've finished season one.
However, I don't think I'm going to talk that much about my thoughts on the series. I wouldn't be watching it if I didn't think it was good. No, today I'm going to talk about whether I could be a companion to The Doctor.
I've actually thought about this a lot, and I believe that I could be a companion to The Doctor. I know that I would be able to travel through space and time, fighting Daleks and other aliens. I think it'd be fun.
Some might argue that it's not worth leaving everything I know, that it's not worth leaving friends and family, but that's the sort of life that I've had. I'm used to uprooting, moving schools, and having to make new friends. WT is the tenth school that I've been to, and that has required a lot of uprooting and meeting new people. I'm not saying that family and friends aren't important, on the contrary, I think that family and friends are pivotal to our lives.
However, I also believe that adventure is something that most of us do want. It's something that I love. That's why I love SCUBA diving and that's why I want to climb a hoodoo someday. The desire for adventure is something that sparks our imaginations, and I am a firm believer that imagination is very very important in childhood, and in everyday life. With The Doctor, I could get as much adventure as I want. There are planets to explore, aliens to meet (and destroy), and new things to experience.
There is the fear factor to consider though. There are some really creepy aliens that invaded the world of Dr. Who. But I do think that I'm afraid of much less than what normal people are afraid of. I think it's because I'd much rather know what the creepy alien is than run away from it because it looks weird.
I think I'd love it. Actually, I know that I would love to be a companion of The Doctor.

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  1. I have done it. I have converted my first Whovian.

    Epic post by the way. Truly and completely EPIC.