Sunday, September 16, 2012

My Favorite Cart

Today, I was at the Carnegie Museum, like I am most Saturdays, and I decided what my favorite teen docent cart is.
I actually have two. But I like them for two different reasons. I like the Cretaceous cart, and I also like the Africa cart.
I like the Cretaceous cart because we get so many people. There are a lot of kids, and they all really want to touch the T-rex tooth. That's my basic reason. We have some good stuff on the cart, some fossilized plants, fossilized dinosaur poop (that's the one that gets the best reaction when you tell the person what they're holding), and a T-rex brain. I just like it because there's so many people. It's on the first floor in the Dinosaur Hall, and it's one of the first exhibits that the people go see. That means that the kids aren't tired and whiney, and everyone has a longer attention span.
I was on Africa cart today. I love the Africa cart because we have so many instruments. We have a djembe, some moroccos, and other little instruments that are really cool. We also have an elephant ear, a giraffe thigh bone, and some animal skulls. The thing I don't like about Africa is that we only get like twenty people during the whole visit. It's in a small corner of the museum, it's really dark, and not many people make it to that part of the museum. The people who do, though, are the people who are really interested in the stuff and they are very in-depth people who ask lots of questions, and it's fun to answer them and sound really smart.
The cart also depends a lot on the people you work with. Last week, when I was on Africa, I was with some people who obviously didn't want to be there, but today, I was with a girl named Emily (a different Emily from the usual Emily that I talk about) who was very very talkative. I discovered that we liked the same kind of music, and that we both freaked out when the iTunes free single last week was Amsterdam by Imagine Dragons.
 I've definitely said this before, but the teen docents are really really nice. They're also really interesting too. I was on the polar world cart one time, and I was with this guy named Luke who makes stop motion movies. How cool is that!!??
P.S. I'm on page forty of Perks of Being a Wallflower. Apparently I'm about thirty percent done with the book.
P.P.S. I've been trying to publish this post forever. I keep clicking the "publish" button, but I keep on getting an error...

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  1. I should totally go visit you one saturday when you're volunteering! That would be interesting.