Friday, September 7, 2012

The Room of Chaos

On Wednesday afternoon, I didn't blog, because I had something very important to do: I had to clean the living room and kitchen area. I was cleaning it for the arrival of Ma.
In her absence, it wan't in the best of shape. It wasn't in the best of shape even before she left, but we had to make it clean so that she wouldn't come home to the messiest room in the world.
I cleaned for two hours. TWO WHOLE HOURS!!!! I placed everything in what I deemed the "proper spot." I knew this probably wouldn't turn out really well, because my mother sometimes has a way of organizing that I just don't understand. It seems to me that the supplies for the mixer should go next to the actual mixer, and the salt should go with the condiments, but apparently they should both go on the kitchen counter.
There was also the issue of things that I just want to throw away. There's a whole corner of the kitchen dedicated to these little containers. From yoghurt containers to random little boxes, my mother is saving these to put seeds in in order to start her garden. Need I remind you that gardens are usually started in the spring, which is more than a half a year away! I don't believe that we need these containers in the first place, because seeds are meant to be planted in dirt.
So when I was done on Wednesday, the kitchen and living room looked immaculate. It was beautiful. The only thing on the table was a centerpiece, while everything else was put in its proper spot. I shall say it again; it was beautiful
My mother came back yesterday, and when I got home, there was a pile of things on the counter and the floor!!! The counter, that just 12 hours earlier had nothing but a beautiful centerpiece on it. Then, as I said yesterday, there was gift-giving, and cooking, and now the kitchen looks just like it was BEFORE I cleaned it. AAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGGG!!!!! It's so frustrating. I just look at the kitchen now and think, whoa, it used to be so beautiful and pristine, and now it looks like a group of kindergardeners were let loose in this room!! There's just too much stuff!!!!!!!!!!
Today, in Chemistry class, Dr. Horton, our teacher, talked about entropy. Entropy is the tendency for everything to move toward a state of chaos. She talked about how a very clean room is unstable, because it doesn't take much effort at all for it to become messy.
I just thought that that was an appropriate topic to cover, considering what I had recently gone through.

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