Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Most Intense Game

I was at the Carnegie Museum today, and played one of the most intense game of cards I have ever played in my life.
Let me back up.
I volunteer there from eleven to four, and in-between, from one to two, we get an hour long break. I don't know why it's so long. Honestly, I thought half an hour was long, and most people don't know what do do with all of this time. I guess some people go out to Subway to eat, but the rest of us stay at the museum wondering what we are supposed to do.
Anyway, I was up at the office, getting my lunch, and Peter and Erin were just finishing up a game of cards. Peter was frustrated because there are only so many card games you can play with two people, and asked me if I knew any card games. I said I knew Egyptian Ratscrew, and he got really excited and asked me if I wanted to play. I love Egyptian Ratscrew, and will never turn a game down, so I played.
This is where I say that it was one of the most intense hours of my life.
Peter is really really fast at playing his cards, and even faster at slapping the cards when the time is appropriate, and even sometimes when it's not appropriate. Brandon, the intern who watches over us, slapped in and played as well. The competition between him and Peter
There are moments of loss, and there are moments of gain. There was a time when we kept on putting down face cards, and the pile in the middle became huge. Eventually, I put down my jack, Brandon couldn't produce a face card, and I won this ENORMOUS pile, full of face cards, and it was sooooo exciting!!!
There are also moments of stupidity, when it was just down to Peter and I. I put down a five, Peter put down a queen, and I then put down I five. Then, I was in the middle of putting the next card down in order to get a face card, but stopped, thinking wait, that's a sandwich. I wanted to slap it, but I also had this card that I was going to put down in my hand, SO I HESITATED AND PETER SLAPPED THE PILE!!! I could have put the card down and avoided that whole situation, but ARRRRGGGGGG!!!!
Also, there was a three minute argument when Peter and Brandon slapped the pile at the same time, in different places so their hands didn't overlap. They fought about who should get the pile for three whole minutes before they decided that they should call it a truce.
This lasted for the whole hour of lunch. There were moments where we got so loud that it's a wonder we didn't get told off or anything. By the end, we were so jittery, that I was still a little jumpy even after I finished playing.
I love the volunteering that I do. There's no way other places have more fun and better people than we do.

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