Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ma's Back (with Pens)!!!

Yes, she's back!!!!! The whole household seems more relaxed now that she's home. I missed her a lot, but now that she's back......the world is right again.
I did enjoy the time that I spent with my dad though. We were a little rebellious, doing some things that might have gotten some raised eyebrows from the mother. We went to Chick-fil-A twice, and bought ICE CREAM!!! Ice cream buying is a rare occurrence in the Nace household. To have two flavors in the house NEVER happens, and now we have mint chocolate chip and peanut butter!
Since Ma came back from Japan, she brought back the AMAZING stuff. Mostly though, she brought back pens and pencils. I ADORE pens and pencils. Ever since I was introduced to Japanese stationary, I have loved writing utensils. When I was in fourth grade, I wanted to be a professional stationary consultant. Yes. I'm not kidding.

The photos are of the pens Ma brought back. My favorite brand of pencil is Pilot's Dr. Grip mechanical shaky pencil. The Dr. Grip pencils are the three pencils on the very left. The four next to those are multi-colored pens, but the ink is replaceable. If I ran out of one ink, I could just (cross the ocean on an airplane) and buy another color. It's also good for the environment!!! 
You may be wondering what a purple Spiderman has to do with all of this. I asked my mother to get me a planner, so I could write down my homework. She came home with a planner, WITH A PURPLE SPIDERMAN COVER!!!!!! SO COOL!!!
She also brought back stories of her seeing her cousins and all her relatives. Also, apparently a dream of hers came to life the other day. She was working in her favorite childhood bakery as a favor for (and this is where it gets complicated) her ex-sister-in-law's (who is a really good friend of ours) friend's mother. The stories won't stop coming. She also told me that I am able to live another dream of mine when we go back to Okinawa. I CAN SCUBA DIVE WITH A WHALE SHARK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That will be one of the coolest moments of my life. That, and when I'm on top of a hoodoo.
I will say this again, but I am glad she's back. I hope she doesn't go off like that again for a long time.