Monday, September 17, 2012

Going Back to Middle School

We didn't have school today. It's Rosh Hashanah, Jewish New Year, and since we live in a neighborhood that is 40% Jewish, my school decided to give us the day off. The middle school I went to wasn't off for school though, so Jacob, Sarah, and I decided to go and visit.
We walked into school, signed the visitor booklet, and then started to make our way around the school. Since it was lunch time, not many teachers were in their rooms. We would have started off seeing Ms. Coyne, the English teacher, but she wasn't there, so we first saw Mrs. Patton, the history teacher. Mrs. Patton is awesome. She's such a good teacher, and she's really nice. We talked to her about high school, and what's been going on since we left. Apparently last year's class wasn't as rowdy as we were. No surprise there. We were a grade that didn't know how to channel our energy into learning.
We then stopped by Mr. T's room. He was our amazing math teacher. He was helping out some eighth graders though, so we didn't get to talk to him that much. The eighth graders were complaining about rate-distance-time problems, and how they didn't understand them. Looking back, I remember hating them as well, but the further you move on in math, the more difficult your biggest problems become.
We then went to see Magistra, the latin teacher. She's semi-retired though, so she only teaches in the mornings. She had already left, so we left a note for her on the white board.
We went to see other teachers as well. We saw Ms. Coyne, who asked us to tell the students she was teaching some advise about choosing high schools. Then we saw SeƱora, who told us that she hasn't had students as good as Jacob and I since we left, which was really nice of her. We also saw Mr. Jenkins, who told us to go see the new preschool, and I saw Mrs. Trahan, the lower school science teacher. She was also my volleyball coach in seventh grade.
It was really nice to see old teachers again. There were some new teachers sprinkled in there as well. Mrs. Peterson moved off to Hawaii, and I don't really blame her. Living next to a beach? How awesome would that be?

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