Saturday, September 29, 2012

Underwater Music

Today I went SCUBA diving. I haven't done this in a while. The last time I went diving was in August, and it felt really nice to get back in the water. We are going diving next weekend. We're going to a place in Ohio called Gilboa, where we will take part in an underwater haunted quarry. I don't really know what it's going to be like, but it sounds like a lot of fun. While we're there, I will go on a total of four dives, and one (I'm really excited about this one) will be at night.
We got home from SCUBA at around four-thirty, and since then, I've mostly been doing homework. More like I've been trying to do my homework, but I forgot my chemistry notebook at school that has all of my notes from a lab that we just did in it, and the lab report is due on Monday. I hate this kind of thing. All day on Friday, I kept reminding myself to put my chem notebook in my backpack, and then I completely forgot at the end of the day. I could have sworn that I put it in my backpack, but apparently I didn't. Thankfully, I have a free period before chemistry on Monday, and I can do it then. That is, if my lab partner doesn't send me the measurements that we took, and I really really really hope she checks her e-mail and sends them to me because that will make my life so so so so much easier.
The thing is, I never forget things. (Let me correct myself before my mother contradicts me on this matter) I never forget assignments. Really. I forget like once a year, so I really really hope that this will be that once a year, so I don't have to forget another assignment until my junior year.
On another, happier note, I'm going to the see the Matthew Morrison sing with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra in about an hour and a half. Matthew Morrison is a singer and currently starring on the television series Glee, a show that I tried to watch, and then failed. I put effort into seeing the first half of season one because a friend asked me to, and then I just quit after that. It was awful. But I do like Matthew Morrison. Apparently he's going to be singing some selections from his new album (the album has broadway music on it). Sounds like fun.
While I was underwater today, I kept on humming the songs that were stuck in my head (I always have songs stuck in my head, as my friends know). I didn't really know if the people around me could hear me, because I wasn't humming that loudly. But I kept on thinking about music that is underwater. There's a radio show that I listen to, Adventures in Odyssey, a Christian radio drama that is mainly focused for 8-12 year olds, but it's still fun to listen to years later, in which there is a scene in one of the episodes where a character named Wooton is talking about a band called the Pool Boys, who sing songs underwater. I always thought this concept fascinating. First of all, it's hard to sing underwater. Second, I don't know of anyone who would listen to songs that are sung underwater. I wouldn't be able to distinguish between a good singer and a bad singer. But if Matthew Morrison was to sing underwater, what would it sound like? Would it sound different if I sang? What would the underwater guitar or the underwater drum set sound like? I don't know. We should test it out.

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