Friday, September 14, 2012

Preview of the Weekend

I didn't post yesterday because, one, I didn't really have anything to talk about, and two, when I got back from my piano lesson, I was just too tired to do anything but sleep. It was one of those days.
We have a three day weekend. Monday's off because of Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish new year. I love living in a town with an abounding number of Jewish people, because we get these days off that other towns and other people might regard as really random and strange. For example, we have next Wednesday off because it's Yom Kippur, another Jewish holiday that I will not be able to explain very well. The internet should have an introduction to the Jewish culture for those who aren't Jewish. It would be extremely helpful.
Because it's a three day weekend, I felt like I had more time to do things with friends. Tomorrow, I'm going to the Carnegie Museum, then on Sunday, I'm going to Kenneywood. Monday, since the middle school I went to doesn't have off, I'm going to visit with my friends Jacob and Sarah. I thought that I would have all this time, and then the teachers decide to give us more homework.
Maybe it seems like a lot of homework when it actually isn't. Let's see. I have a worksheet that I have to finish for Chemistry. It'll be easy, it's a review of conversion factors, and I think it might have some sig fig problems on it. Then I have an English assignment due on Wednesday. I have to research a monster and write three paragraphs about it, then be ready to present it to the class. Oh, and I also have to read a poem at the beginning of class on Wednesday. Ms. McDermott (my awesome English teacher) also told us we have an in-class essay we have to write on Friday, so that will be fun....not. I have to get ready for that too.
Then AP Euro! This class get's it's own new paragraph because there's so much work I have to do. I have to take my remaining notes on chapters ten and eleven. That will take forever, and then, I have to write a Document Based Question (DBQ). It's basically a paper, but we use documents that we're given in order to prove our point. We'll be given a DBQ on the AP exam, so we're practicing for the test in May.
Also, today in announcements, Mr. Bachner said that he had 100 free tickets to an early screening of Perks of Being a Wallflower!!!!! I'm SOOOO excited, I got a ticket, and some of my friends and I are going. That's next Wednesday, but I still need to read the book. I got it today, and hopefully will be able to finish before Wednesday. I don't know how it'll go though, I'll keep you updated.