Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Of Monsters and Men

Today, Apple announced their new iPhone 5. I'm don't think I'm going to judge it until I actually go see it and try it out at the Apple Store. However, I was watching the iPhone 5 video that's on the Apple website, and it featured the music from my favorite band ever. After I noticed that, I couldn't pay attention to what the guy in the video was saying, and started to sing along to the song (titled Dirty Paws). Anyway, after that, I realized that I hadn't really talked about what bands I listen to and what kind of music is currently on my iPod.
My favorite band ever is Of Monsters and Men. I love love love (coincidentally a name of one of their songs) their music!! They're originally from Iceland but they sing in English. My dad calls them "The Vikings," which would be a cool band name for a band from Iceland, but I like Of Monsters and Men better. Their song lyrics are amazing and not the typical type of lyric that you hear all the time in pop songs. From what is on the radio right now, it's a really really nice change. They've only released one album so far, but that album, titled My Head is an Animal is SO GOOD!!! Every single song on that album is awesome. My particular favorite is From Finner and Dirty Paws. I think I like From Finner because it's about being far from home, but also being so so happy at the same time. I like Dirty Paws because it's a quirky song. There's story to it about a pet dragonfly and a forest of bees that declared a war. Even though I say that those two songs are my favorite, really, ALL of the songs are my favorite.They're just that good.
My second favorite band right now is Imagine Dragons. I don't remember how I came across their music, but when I did, I fell in love. I love the song On Top of the World. I love the whole clapping thing in that song, and the lyrics. Someday, when I climb the hoodoo that I'm going to climb, I'll go up there and listen to that song. I think it will be appropriate.
Then there are these other songs that I like, like Shake it Out by Florence and the Machine and Anna Sun by Walk the Moon. There also happens to be a lot of Ingrid Michaelson in my music library and a lot of Regina Spektor.
So yes, that's my taste in music right now. Of corse, it's subject to change, though I don't think that Of Monsters and Men will ever be anything but my favorite band ever.


  1. You people and your music...lawlz...

    Hahah sorry that was kind of mean.