Thursday, September 20, 2012

Bowl of Water is Addicting to Watch

Don't worry. I'm not breaking any type of rule by blogging during school. I have a free period right now, and I finished all the work that I have to do. Though admittedly, I always have AP Euro homework. I have a test on the medieval period next Friday, and I'm already freaking out about it.
I'm sitting in a study room in the library with my friend Anastasia, and I can't stop looking at this bowl of water. Hanging from the second floor ceiling, there's a brass circle with an "x" inside it. Then, hanging from the middle of the "x," there is a copper pot. It actually looks more like a cauldron. Also hanging from the brass circle are some clear strings that are connected to a glass bowl. This glass bowl hangs above the library entrance on the first floor.
That piece of creative art has been there all year. Though when I asked people about it, they said it was new this year. But there has been a new addition to this piece of creative art.
There is water dripping out of the bottom of the cauldron. The water droplet falls about three feet, and then makes an awesome ripple in the water that's already been collected in the bowl. It's awesome, and I can't stop looking at it.
I don't really know what it's for. It seems like the water falls once every second, so maybe it keeps time. Maybe when the bowl is full, it signifies that it's time to leave.
The problem is how to get the water out of the bowl. It's not in a place where any normally sized person could reach it, so there might be an issue regarding that. Then, how do you fill the copper pot so it can keep on dripping?
It's also really entertaining to see the people who are interested in it. People walk out of the library, look up, see this wonderful bowl full of water, stay there a few seconds gazing up at it with their mouths open, and then just continue walking. Teachers and students alike have been staring at it. Then there are the small number of people who think that it's stupid and don't appreciate little things like that. I think that's sad.
It's something that's so simple. Yet people think that it's amazing. I don't know why, but this bowl of water is addicting to watch.

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