Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Amazingness of Google

Our topic today is Google. More specifically, our topic today is about the amazingness of Google.
The internet is an awesome place that is abundant with information. There are whole webpages devoted to random things like grapes and candles. The information is right, literally, in front of us. We just have to access it.
I love google. I love how it will answer any question you have. I love the existence of googledox and YouTube. I love how that when I'm bored, I can type in sentences to google such as, "can you really," and see the top most asked questions on google, such as, "can you really have breakfast at Tiffany's." A couple of weeks ago, I typed in "what should I take to," and google filled in the rest of the sentence with "sniper school." Sniper School!!?? There's a school for snipers??
There is also the amazingness of google maps.
Last year, when my friends and I were bored in jazz piano class (a class, I should point out, which was not really a class at all, but more of a lets-watch-Batman class) we would look up our houses, or places we lived. My friend Elisha had lived in New Jersey, so she would show us her old house or her old school. I would show her the places I had been in Japan, and digitally take the route I took from my house to school every day. It was a very surreal feeling.
Now, apparently, google maps is so advanced that I can actually see the landscape of an underwater coral reef without going there at all. A couple of years ago, my family and I took a trip to Heron Island, and island that's only a mile in length, and sits on top of the wonderfully vibrant and colorful sea life that surrounds it. The island had no cars, no internet, and the people who worked there were either researchers, or people who staffed the hotel. I had to ride a two hour boat ride (a very bumpy ride that made my mother throw up) to get there. It was a beautiful place. The ocean was a shocking blue, the sand was pure and white. It seemed so laid back. We went snorkeling, we took walks around the island, and it was wonderful. Now I can go there without really going there at all. I can click some buttons and see the sea life that I flew 12 hours on an airplane to go see. I don't know if I like this or not. But now that I think about it, it seemed inevitable. I could probably access google space, if I wanted to. I could probably see Saturn and Mars. I don't know, I haven't explored it that much. I just have one question. Will google maps give me directions to underwater landmarks?

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