Friday, July 27, 2012

Apps on my Phone

Nothing really noteworthy happened today. And the only real thing that I could talk about, if I wanted to talk about my day, would be English Ivy (a type of invasive ivy that chokes trees and kills them), and I figured that that might not be the most interesting thing to read.
So, dear readers (the four of you that exist), I will be talking about the apps I have on my phone. I have an iPhone 4, and it's cool. I have a Psych case (I will write about Psych on day, but in the mean time, you should just start watching the show), and the only real reason I would want an iPhone 4s, would be  just for the benefit of making fun of Siri.
Here we go.
The app that I probably use the most, is IMDb. That's just because there are a lot of movies coming out, and I like to know their ratings, and who's in them. Also, I'm watching out for the guy who's going to play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire. And Annie. Who's going to play Annie??
Then after that is YouTube. I watch the vlogbrothers on there. I haven't really increased the amount of videoblogs that I  watch, it's just that there are so many vlogbrothers videos to watch. I'll probably never watch all of them. Speaking of other videobloggers, Charlie McDonnell needs to come out with another video soon. It's been like three weeks!!! I know he doesn't have a schedule, but his videos are so good!!
After that, I don't really know what goes next... I guess it would be the metronome app that I have? My regular metronome is broken (it slows down after a while, and that's not really a quality to look for in a machine that's supposed to keep the same rhythm going forever).
Then there are the game apps that I play whenever I don't have anything better to do, which doesn't happen that often. There's Temple Run, Plants v. Zombies, Flow, and Logos Quiz. Logos Quiz is actually pretty hard for me, but I refuse to cheat, so it's taking me forever to finish.
Then there are the apps for finding cool wallpapers. And then there are the quirky ones, I have a rhyming app, so I type in a word, and it finds me all of the words that rhyme with it. There's a baby names app, and a flashlight app, which is very useful.
Those are the apps on my phone. I hope it warms up tomorrow. I'm going SCUBA diving!!!

On another note, I'm going to go see The Dark Knight Rises again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!
Nerdfighters, DFTBA, and for those of you who aren't Nerdfighters..... still DFTBA (and go watch the vlogbrothers!!).

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