Sunday, July 22, 2012

SCUBA, Volunteering, and Comics

I went SCUBA diving again yesterday. It was colder than it was last time, which means it was really really cold. Let me emphasize again that it was freezing!
Once we got underwater (we were only like 9 feet deep though) we stayed there for a really long time. There were just times when I would sit there, breathing air, underwater, and thinking about how amazing it is to be able to breathe underwater. I think at one point, after the instructor finished running drills with our group and had gone over to run those same drills with another group, I sat there for about thirty minutes. And all the time, I was just breathing. Not swimming or anything, but just breathing. It's very relaxing. You can't really talk to anyone, and and you're just there with your own thoughts. But you're not bored. I mean, if I was on the surface sitting there for half an hour with nothing to do, I think I would be very bored. But it was as if I couldn't be bored underwater.
After almost freezing to death in the pool, we got out and I headed to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History to volunteer. I sat at the Cretaceous cart, a cart that had a bunch of things on it like T-rex teeth and fossilized ferns. I had never been out on a cart before, and it was kind of overwhelming, because a bunch of people came over and asked questions about the dinosaurs and about the museum. Thankfully there was another girl at the cart who knew practically all of the answers to their questions. There was also some fossilized dinosaur droppings on the cart. They would pick it up, not knowing what it is,  and it was very amusing to watch the visitor's face when I told them what they were holding.
When I finished volunteering, I headed over to the comic book store on Craig Street. I love the Phantom of the Attic, mostly because it has this whole section of old comic books that they're trying to get rid of, and you can get five comic books there for a dollar. They literally have thousands of comic books, and I looked through most of them, stocking up with some Spiderman, X-men, and some Fables.
I don't think I've talked about Fables. It's similar to the TV show Once Upon a Time, and it's about these fairy tale creatures that live in the modern world. The main characters are mostly Snow White, her sister, Rose Red, and the Big Bad Wolf, or Bigby, as he is called in the comic (he's not the bad guy). It's a really cool comic book, with a good, solid plot line, and some dynamic characters.

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  1. I'll have to bring some Fables comix with me next time I'm breathing underwater, just to keep from being bored.