Thursday, July 5, 2012

Painting is (Not) Supposed to be Messy

As a summer project, I decided that I wanted to paint and decorate one of the rooms on the third floor. In my imagination, it's going to be a room where I can read(go figure!) in peace, and where the imagination can have a field day. I had already cleared out this room, and what I needed to do next, was paint.
But before I could paint, I needed to prime the room, and that's what I did today.
Let me just start out saying that I'm not a messy person(normally),  I think I'm sort of neat(my mother would say otherwise), but I don't mind getting dirty. So I laid out a plastic sheet on the ground so the carpet would not be stained forever, and I started to get ready to prime. I have seen people paint before, and in my mind I was doing everything right, but then I realized that I was splattered with paint. It was all on my arms and on my hands. There was paint on the ground(not on the carpet but on the sheet) and my roller was really messy. Turns out that you're supposed to roll your roller slowly. Slowly. Who knew? Though I didn't learn that until after I finished with the roller. Then, started to paint the edges of the walls with a paintbrush, and that got really messy too, because apparently you're only supposed to dip the tip of the brush into the paint, not the whole brush. I came downstairs, splattered with (by then it was dry) paint. I tried to get the paint off my hands, but it wouldn't come off!
So I had to go to the library with paint on my hands and arms. And what did I do at the library, you ask? I checked out books of corse! I'm trying to learn how to speed-read, so I can take in books faster. I also ended up getting a free book because I signed up for the library's teen summer reading program. So, yay!
I came home and finished up the priming, and learning from my only-dip-the-end-of-the-brush-in-the-paint rule, I did not splatter myself even more. Though, I did have to clean up, and that wasn't very fun, because cleaning up never is.
I learned my lesson for today! 1. Never roll the roller fast 2. Only dip the end of the brush in the paint, and 3. Try not to spread excess paint onto things(it may be fun, but not fun to clean). Hopefully, I'll do better when I actually paint the room(it's going to be yellow), and come out not looking like jumped into a paint bucket.

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