Sunday, July 8, 2012

My Excuse for Not Posting an Entry Yesterday

Nooooooooooo! I didn't post a blog entry yesterday!!!
This is very sad :-(
I think I actually did have a good reason for not posting an entry yesterday. I was at a family reunion, and before the family reunion, I was at a piano lesson, and before the piano lesson, I was asleep. So I had no time to write. I'm actually kind of disappointed in myself. I feel like I should have written an entry on Friday night, and then on Saturday morning, I could have posted it. But I didn't, so here's another sad face :-(
The Nace family reunion was fun, though. It was like 105 degrees fahrenheit, and after about an hour of talking to people, we just got into the pool, and we stayed there until about 6:30. This was the first family reunion where the majority of the people actually got into the pool. Usually, it's us kids who get in and swim around, but this time, practically everybody wanted to escape from the heat.
During the reunion, I got to see people that I hadn't seen since the last family reunion, and I also got to do fun things like shooting clay pigeons(they're little clay disks that you throw, and then you try and shoot it with a shotgun), and playing with the dogs. There were so many dogs! And there were so many chickens!
We got to our hotel pretty late that night, and we were on the road going home, but we had to stop at the Hagerstown Outlet Mall this morning. I'm pretty sure it's the biggest mall I've ever seen, and I surprised myself-I was able to shop for more than three hours! Yay! Usually, after three hours, all the shirts start to look the same, and I get tired, and I just want to go into a stationary store and look at pens for about half an hour, or go and read, that didn't happen this time.
After yesterday's heat, It seems really nice here in Pittsburgh. It was a nice weekend excursion, and I can't wait to do it again.


  1. Hahaha I like your beginning. You're learning how to talk on the interwebs! I'm so proud! OMNG YOU HAD FUN PLAYING WITH DOGS? I THOUGHT YOU HATED DOGS. Hahaha you would go into the stationary just would.

  2. I don't HATE dogs.... I just like people better.
    Stationary stores are so organized and beautiful.... that's why I would go into one.