Thursday, July 26, 2012

Book #25: I am the Messenger

WoooHoo!! Book number 25!!!
I just finished I am the Messenger by Markus Zusak, and I loved it!!
I am the Messenger is about a guy named Ed Kennedy, who receives ace cards in the mail. On these cards, are the names (or clues to find people's names) of people who either need help, or just need someone to care about what they're doing. These people, ranging from little kids to old ladies, are people who just need some kindness in their lives, and Ed Kennedy, has to help them. Ed doesn't know who these cards are coming from, or why he has to do them, but throughout the book, he changes from a person who didn't care at all about people he didn't know, to a person who cares enough to do something when he sees something that is wrong.
I think that one of the main reasons that it was such a good book, is because Ed changed so much, and I like books that are about change.
This book did get emotional at some points (I'm going to start spoiling things here, so if you want to read this book, I suggest that you don't read this part). It was mostly during the scene when Ed went to the movie theater that didn't get any customers, and talked to Bernie. I loved the character Bernie, mostly because he was a sweet elderly man who just wanted other people to love a place that he loved as a child. He was also such a good-natured old man, that I just, oh my gosh, I just loved him. I loved that he didn't care about the money, and I loved that he would fall asleep all the time, and he was just awesome.
I liked pretty much all of the characters in this book. I didn't like Marv or Richie, but that was mostly because they were lazy people who didn't do anything with their lives. Though, in the, I won't spoil that part. I liked Sophie, Father O'Reilly, and the Tatupu family.
Markus Zusak also wrote The Book Thief. It was a book that I got about half way through, then had to return to the library, so I didn't get to finish it. What I read, though, was really good, and from what I hear, it also gets kind of emotional at the end.
So, I am the Messenger is definitely one of the really good books I read this year. Markus Zusak is amazing (and really good looking too), and I'll probably end up finishing The Book Thief later this year.