Monday, July 30, 2012

It's been TWO DAYS!!

So, it's been two days since I've posted....I originally wanted to make this a "do this for 365 consecutive days" thing, but then I skipped that one day at the beginning of July for the family reunion, and that goal just didn't happen.
Lets see. Saturday. I went SCUBA diving. That was fun. I brought a friend with me and she did the discover SCUBA course, but she ended early and had to wait a while, which, if you're going to put together a "bring your buddy" day, we should be able to swim at the same time. After that, I went to volunteer at the Natural History Museum. I sat on the Jurassic cart and told everyone about the dinosaurs. I realized, dinosaurs have names that are really hard to remember. They all sound the same, and all end in "saurus," which has a scientific purpose, but it's too difficult. I mean, there were only items from four different dinosaurs on the cart, and I kept on forgetting the one dinosaur the NH museum has that's stuck to the wall, and I had to ask the other docents like 5 times. It's a camarasaurus, but I kept on getting it mixed up with the...wait...I don't even remember the one I was getting it mixed up with! It started with a "c" and had a "t" in it somewhere. It was like a "ceterasaurus" or something. I don't think "ceterasaurus" is a thing though. I kept on asking what it was, and the other docent jokingly was like "didn't you pay attention during training?" Yes, though I don't remember it.  I don't think I remember much from my training days, except that both botany and geology are really boring.
Yesterday, my main event was my piano recital. I didn't stress out over it as I normally do, and I guess that's just because I wanted to get it over with. It was okay. It wasn't the best performance that I ever had (I think my best performance was the winter 2011 one), but it was still pretty good. I just hate being at the end of the program. It was also really loud in the hall, because there were so many little kids. They were all dressed up for their recital, and then they just cried and ran and lost things, it was a mess.
I'll write about it when the video is up on YouTube. In the meantime, if you want to watch a performance, go here:

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