Wednesday, July 4, 2012

It's Really Really Hot

Happy Fourth of July, everybody! I hope you're having a really nice holiday in a place that is cooler than Pittsburgh.
It's literally like 100 degrees (in Fahrenheit, I can't imagine what 100 degrees would be like in Celsius) here, and our house has no central air. So we have two giant coolers blasting cold air in the living room, and there's also one in the front area of the house. But it's still very very very hot.
My mother hates heat and sun. The weird thing is, she came from Okinawa, an island in the south of Japan, where it's REALLY hot. Hotter than here, if you can imagine! But the people in Okinawa know how to use an air conditioner and install it into their houses, which makes them smarter. During the summer we usually end up going places in the afternoons that have air conditioning, like the movies, so that we can escape the heat of our own home.
Today, in celebration of our wonderful country, my family decided that they wanted to go to a park out near Amish country, and sit in the shade and read for the whole day. I really wasn't opposed to that at all, mostly because I like reading, as I'm sure you've figured out already(right now I'm reading Cassandra Clare's City of Bones, because it was 99 cents at the nook store and I'll buy any book at that price).
We got to this park out in the middle of nowhere, and it was actually really nice(and cool). We sat in the shade and read in the fold up chairs that we had brought. Once we felt a tiny sliver of sun on our feet or on our backs, we dashed to another area that had shade. We started out near this little picnic table, but after a couple of hours, we were about thirty to forty feet to the left of the picnic table.
After about three hours of reading, we heard thunder. We tried to stay and convince ourselves that it was only going to rain for a short amount of time and we could suck it up, but then we heard more thunder and it was really loud, so we packed up and left before we could get soaked.
So that is the story of our Fourth of July. Now I'm here writing this entry, sweating because it's so hot. When I buy a house, I'm buying one with central air. No question about it.


  1. How can you not imagine what 100ºC would be? Obviously 212ºF! Anyway, IT REALLY IS TOO HOT!! Global warming sucks. Central air is really quite nice, you should figure out a way to install it in your house! :P

  2. You would know what 100 degrees Celsius would be! The sun needs to go behind some clouds for a really long time! It's really humid too.

    1. Normally I'm horrible with the conversion between the two scales, but I know three right of the top of my head: 100 C = 212 F, 0 C = 32 F, and -40 C = -40 F. The sun should just stay on the other side of the earth for more than the normal 9ish hours of summer.