Sunday, July 15, 2012

Craziness Syndrome Averted

About a week or so ago, I wrote about how I painted a room with primer, and I got really dirty because of all these details that I didn't know about the painting world. Well, today, I painted the room an actual color, and this is what happened:
The room I was painting is a tiny tiny room. It's probably about the size of the cupboard under the stairs in Harry Potter. I decided to paint this room the color of "soft sunlight" (that's what the name of the paint was), which is basically a light yellow. Learning from my earlier mistake, I rolled the roller really slowly, and I was very careful not to get the paintbrush messy. So I'm pretty clean right now- no splattered paint on my arms or on my glasses. The issue this time was with the smell.
It smelled REALLY bad. After about an hour, my eyeballs started to burn because of the fumes, and I was right ready to cry. I thought I was going to go CRAZY! But I didn't, because I took a break (it was a nice break, because I was watching charlieissocoollike). Though after that, returning to the painting was really hard, because I could smell the fumes even before I got to the room, and I felt the craziness syndrome coming back. After I started painting, the craziness syndrome started eating my eyes and my brain, and my nose running all the time and...AAAAHHHH! Maybe if I had stayed there for another couple of minutes, the craziness syndrome would have been irreversable.
But that didn't happen (I'm as normal as I'm ever going to be).
The craziness syndrome went away once I came downstairs and I breathed normal air. Lesson: never take normal air for granted.
I cleaned all of the equipment, and there was some paint still in the pan. I was really really tempted to put my hand in it, stamp myself on the forehead and become a member of the Uruk-hai. But I decided not to. It would have been too hard to clean up, and plus, the Uruk-hai don't exactly fight for the best of causes.
The room looks really nice though. I can't go up there right now without feeling the effects of the craziness syndrome coming back just a little bit. I can't wait for the paint to dry!


  1. Didn't your room thing have windows? Or any kind of ventilation, for that matter?

  2. Nope. No windows or ventilation. It was a closet.

  3. Even thought Saruman bred them for resistance to the light, I don't think Uruk-hai would take kindly to being stamped with "Soft Sunlight" paint.

    It might make for a good Lowe's commercial, though.