Saturday, July 14, 2012

SCUBA for the First Time

This morning, I went to my first confined water dive for my SCUBA certification course.
I really don't know what else to say, other than the fact that it was AWESOME! We got to Splash Water Sports really early in the morning, and after waiting there for a very long time, we headed to the Doormont Pool. We then set up our gear, which took forever, because it was really complicated. There's a buoyancy control device that is connected to you're tank (you're air source) and then, connected to your buoyancy control device is your two regulators (one for you and one for your buddy in emergencies) which are also connected to your tank. We put on our wetsuits, which took a lot of effort, and then put our gear on and got into the pool. Now I explained the first part of the dive in about four sentences, but really, it took about forty-five minutes.
We got into the water, and it felt really weird because I had this giant tank, which, on land, probably weighed about a fourth of my overall body weight. In the water, you don't feel the weight at all. We did a bunch of exercises with with our regulator (the thing that goes into your mouth and you breathe out of) and our mask. The feeling of breathing underwater is wow... As children, we're all taught that you can't breathe underwater, but then you put that regulator into your mouth and you just... breathe. It felt amazing, I just wanted to go right to the deep end and stay there underwater for the rest of the time, but we couldn't because we had to do all these drills (what to do if you loose your regulator, how to clear your mask, etc.). It was pretty cold, but other than that, I don't really have issues with SCUBA diving. I just think that it's easier to do things if you just do them. If you think too much, you don't enjoy the whole experience as much. And plus, it feels better knowing that you weren't squirmy while you were learning how to do new things.
The idea that I have this whole new world (yes, that is a name of a song-no pun intended) open up to me is very overwhelming. The fact that I can go explore more of the earth is amazing to me. I can't wait to explore!

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