Monday, July 16, 2012

Diablo Addiction

I started to play Diablo about a month ago. For those of you who don't know what Diablo is about, I will tell you:
You play as one of five characters, a wizard, a monk, a demon hunter, a barbarian, or a witch doctor and you are given the task of defeating two lords of hell, Belial and Azmodan, who are destroying the world of Sanctuary. It's a pretty dark game, I mean, you go around in forests and caverns and kill things.
Somehow, I have come to play Diablo a lot (Oh, and just to clarify, I'm playing Diablo III). It's very addicting. Once I finish a checkpoint, I just want to keep going. It's never gotten boring, and the only real things that stop me from playing is the realization of how much time I spent playing Diablo, and if the internet connection is bad.
I spend most of my time on my monk, who is awesome and amazing. Personally, when I'm in a fight (not that I ever am, but if I was) I would want to have a long range weapon like a gun or a bow and arrow, but for Diablo, it is much more fun to be in the middle of the action, and not having to run away when the bad guys come too close to you.
I'm in act three right now, and my current addiction in Diablo is finding gems. It's like a bonus to my weapons and armor, and just the thought of that is amazing. My armor and my weapons already have a bunch of extra things attached to them (vitality, dexterity, etc.) but then you can get more. It's like bonus points! How awesome is that!?
I played Diablo for about an hour and a half today. I just finished a boss fight, and I'm so happy-I DIDN'T DIE DURING THE BOSS FIGHT!!!!! YAY! That is the first time that has ever happened. It took me about twenty tries before I defeated the boss at the end of act 1. Now that I look back on it... wow... twenty tries-really? I wonder how long I would last if I played hardcore mode ( a mode in which if you die, you can't come back to life). I'd last about halfway through act 1. Maybe I'll try that.

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