Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Childhood Dream

This entry is going to be about a childhood dream. Actually, it's not really a childhood dream, because I still kind of wish that this would actually happen.
One day, when I finally leave Pittsburgh, I'm going to live in a small log cabin in the middle of the woods.
Hahaha-wait... seriously??
It's going to have three rooms. The living room/dining room/kitchen/study area will be the first floor. There will be a bathroom in the back, and then, there's going to be a loft or an attic of some sort for the bedroom. I guess it's going to be about the size of Heidi's grandpa's house. It will have one small lounge chair by the fireplace, so I can read at night and keep warm. This cabin won't have any electricity and computers of any kind are forbidden. At night, everything has to be done by candlelight. How awesome would that be! The house will have only three windows; two on the main floor and one in the attic. I might get lonely though, so I think I might bring a cat with me for company. Or maybe a goat. Like Heidi's grandpa, the cabin would be on a mountain, but it wouldn't be in the Alps.
I don't think that it would be my permanent home. I would probably live there for a month or two and then go back to normal civilization. This is mostly because I don't think I'd be able to survive without internet for very long. My cabin would be a place to just go and spend some time with myself. I'd do things like take a bunch of walks, read (more than I normally do), and write. I don't really know. But I think that once I'm there, it will be nice and relaxing, away from the chaos of today's world.
This idea has been in my head forever. I think it's been there since I read Little House in the Big Woods, and it would be so wonderful if it actually happened.

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