Monday, July 2, 2012

Graphology:Discovering My Inner Self :-P

I had a friend last year that was testing if a person's handwriting could reflect their personality. She tested me, but the only thing I remember her telling me was that, because of the way that I write my h, I am a stubborn person, which actually is kind of true.
So I was curious if I could tell anything else from my handwriting.
I began my search, as anyone might in this day and age, on the internet. Most of the sites that I went to were pretty similar. They would ask me what size my handwriting was, the slants of my letters, and the amount of space that I put in between words.
On to the testing!
Before I tested myself, I wrote down a random paragraph from An Abundance of Katherines, so I could compare my handwriting to the examples of handwriting the site was showing, and when I wrote that paragraph, my letter size was moderate, I had a vertical slant, and my words were evenly spaced. My line spacing-I'm just going to ignore that part of the quiz because I wrote the test paragraph on lined paper, and I'm pretty sure that's cheating-and the pressure that I applied was moderate. Oh, and I also left a wider margin on the right side of the paper than on the left.
According to the website I used, my letter size tells me that I am traditional, practical, and realistic. My slant tells me that I am independent, and self controlled, and my according to my word spacing, I am self confident and amiable. The pressure that I apply shows me that I am sociable, moderately energetic, and calm. The last one, the margin on the right side of the paper says that I am reserved, unrealistic, and a poor mixer, which is odd, considering all the other stuff my handwriting told me.
I guess that what the graphology test told me was true(maybe?), except for the last bit about me being a poor mixer and unrealistic. The thing is, graphology is still very vague. I could be traditional in various aspects of my life, like I could be traditional in the way that I dress, or the way that I speak. Also, like most studies, there will be things that I'll disagree with, and I especially disagree with the fact that I am a "poor mixer."
Overall, this was interesting, but I'd much rather have someone talk to me about what kind of person I am, instead of analyzing something that can change quickly, like my handwriting, which involves a bunch of variables like the position at which I'm sitting, and the speed at which I was writing.  I didn't really learn anything about myself, mostly because I was just doing this for fun and wasn't taking it seriously, but I guess it showed me that various aspects of graphology are true. I still think it's a bit of a flimsy study, because everyone is different, and I could fake my handwriting if I wanted to, but-ah well. I just did it for the fun of it, and yes, it was fun.

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  1. (I'm probably going to end up commenting on like all of your posts, just should consider replying) Hahahahaha I wonder what my lovely handwriting says about me...But anyway, what does it mean to be a "poor mixer"? Hahah does it mean that you mix things poorly? Or does it mean that you mix with other people poorly? (I'm assuming that it's the latter, because I'm not sure why you would be offended if you didn't have the ability to mix things together)

    P.S. You're blogging much more than I thought you would.